Who are we ?

We are an international association uniting people called to work to promote healing ministries. The IAHM organisation offers encouragement, a sense of responsibility, accountability and a strategy that we desperately need to grow healing in the Church today.

Our vision

Our desire is to see a greater manifestation of healing anointing and supernatural be imparted in every ministry and community. More and more, the river of the presence of God grows and we see a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit emerge, showing itself through signs, wonders, healings and miracles. We notice that things we had been longing for are happening now: lames are walking, blinds receive their sight, cancerous and AIDS sufferers are healed! We believe that we are going to see a wider release of these manifestations as we unite all of those who are already moving with healing anointing.

Our mission

Bringing the message of the Gospel along with signs to the end of the earth and see a great harvest to the end of times. Uniting healing ministries through an international network in order to support one another and offer a greater visibility and credibility. Restoring and developing healing ministry in every christian community in a standard of biblical ethics with different tools.

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