NOV-DEC 2023

Campaign Donations

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21 - Holy Bible

This Jesus is the hope of the nations, this light is the one that triumphs over darkness and death!

At IAHM, what we want more than anything is to invest in the Kingdom so that Jesus may be glorified in our evangelistic campaigns, our online events and the prayer services we offer.

Goal of the campaign



We want to continue to develop to
proclaim the Gospel and pray to see the power of the Holy Spirit act in lives.

Three ways to support
the IAHM donation campaign


Donate to support the development of teams and tools


Pray for the impact of the Gospel in lives


Get involved with your gifts and talents as a volunteer

Our recognition subjects​


and in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Portuguese team

A team was created to develop the IAHM in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries. The website has been translated into Portuguese and it is possible for anyone who understands this language to ask for the healing prayer, and to be in touch with what is happening in this country. Several Miracles & Healing Nights have taken place in various cities in this country and several places are ready to host these evangelization events which touch many people.


Committee in Italy

A committee and a team set out to present the vision and projects of the IAHM in Christian unity in several cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Bari, Verona, Modena and Palerme, and for some followed by a Miracles & Healing Night with Jean-Luc Trachsel! The highlight will be a national healing conference which will take place in Rome from April 17 to 20, 2024 with several international speakers including Bill Johnson.

Revival School

Launch in October

God has been calling on Jean-Luc for several months with the aim of equipping believers to welcome the beginnings of a great revival which is coming, observed in many places around the world, and to fan this growing fire which will powerfully affect the nations. ! More than 850 people thirsting for God from thirteen nations are registered! What a great first day where God showed himself in power!

It is thanks to your support that we can move forward and do pioneering work in Christian unity in new territories, such as El Salvador, Singapore, Chiang Mai and Australia where the doors are opening for 2024!

3 projects in which to invest and make a special offering

National Healing Conference in Italy​

10 000 €

This is a great first! From April 17 to 20, 2024, the very first national healing conference in Italy will take place in Rome! In the unity of Christians, thousands of people are expected with the aim of reaching the streets of Rome, and creating an impact in this beautiful nation.

Development of IAHM and Miracles & Healing Nights

50 000 €

For several years, we have been developing and implementing IAHM in new territories such as Italy, Portugal, and there are projects in the USA, Germany, Singapore and Latin America.

Daily prayer service for the sick

5 000 €

We have established several ways to receive healing prayer with compassion, every day. Our team members are trained to care for everyone who is suffering. Zoom prayer lines, our online healing rooms in several languages and finally the possibility of requesting prayer with the sending of a blessed cloth are all means that constantly require not only human, but also administrative resources. and financial

The different locations of the IAHM

"Emilien first gave his life to the Lord this evening. He was searching for meaning in his life, and after reading Jean Luc Trachsel's book, he was prompted to ask for prayer even though he was not a believer. He agreed to pray the conversion prayer, and we prayed because he had been suffering from joint pain all over his body for ten years. He started to feel better, so we kept on praying and he couldn't believe it; he had no more pain! He demonstrated by moving all his limbs! Glory to God! Hallelujah! "


Through the prayer line

for more than 3 days I had a certain swelling on the left side of my palate that prevented me from eating properly. During a "Hope & Healing" session, Laura Madan had a word of knowledge concerning dental problems. From that moment on, part of my face got goosebumps and my bump gradually diminished. The next day, I was able to eat without any pain! Furthermore, as David Théry stated in another live broadcast that a person with a thyroid disorder was being healed, a divine force pushed me. After lying down, I noticed by touch that something had changed in my lower jaw and in my throat. I have not been tired for a month now, and my weakness has been greatly reduced.


From a Youtube Live

I had been suffering from stomach pain and heart palpitations for over 2 years. I also discovered that I had hypothyroidism. I then contacted the IAHM team to pray for me and to have an anointed cloth. It's been almost a month since I did this, and right now I am completely healed! I even went for a blood test for my thyroid; everything is back to normal. I have no more pain and no more palpitations. Praise God and thank you IAHM.


Through the prayer line

All my life, I had to face guilt, anxiety and the fear of others. In addition to these psychological problems, I also had some physical health concerns (constant sore throats and neck pain in particular). So I went to ask for prayer from an IAHM team member and that's how the Lord began to ease all my physical and moral tensions! The pains have clearly diminished and my self-confidence is improving day by day. Thank you Jesus.


Through the prayer line

Every day we continue to pray for the sick and the needs of people by exercising compassion, as shown in the testimony above! Whether by Zoom, via live broadcasts on YouTube or with our prayer request forms and blessed fabrics, responding and praying for people remains one of our priorities! For this, we warmly thank our volunteers!

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:19-21

Thank you for your generosity

Every donation counts to build and develop the spread of the Gospel. Pray that God will show you how to invest.