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Prayer Request

1. Zoom Prayer Line

Make an appointment by Zoom in with one of our prayer team members by clicking here:

It’s free and last 20 minutes. Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive confirmation and reminder emails the day before it containing the Zoom connection link.

2. Submit a written prayer request and get a blessed cloth

Your prayer request will be forwarded to our team of volunteers who will take the time to pray for your topic.

You also have the opportunity to receive a blessed cloth* by filling out the form and providing your full mailing address so that the mail will arrive at its destination.

* We invite everyone who receives the prayer to take hold of the cloth we send with the same faith as the woman with the bleeding in Mark 5:28 “If I can only touch his clothes, I will be healed…”.

3. Participate in a healing room during one of our Miracles & Healings Nights

Each month we have 1 night with healing room per zoom. No appointment is necessary to participate. Dates are listed on the following page:

Just log on to the live YouTube feed, and you will have all the information you need under the video to log on to the healing room.

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Miracles & Healings Night

I’m interested in starting a Miracles & Healings Night in my area.

Launch a Miracles & Healings Night in your city

Be an actor of revival and find your mission!

The IAHM is a work in progress which develops constantly !
Our desire is to offer the possibility to those who wish to engage in several sectors of activity.
We are always looking for volunteers to help us develop our projects and strengthen our teams !

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