Our missionaries

Our missionaries are looking for partners who are committed to supporting the ministry God has entrusted to them. By investing in missionaries, you are investing in the salvation of thousands of people and their spiritual, emotional and physical healing.
Would you be interested in becoming a partner in supporting them? Even a small amount of support will go a long way in helping them, for it is the little streams that make the big rivers.


Jean-Luc is an evangelist with a powerful healing gift. He believes that nothing is impossible. He actively works to bring unity among Christians and to proclaim the Gospel! His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit allows the manifestation of the supernatural with signs, miracles and healings.
A visionary and entrepreneur, he leads various projects and associations, including the IAHM, as president. Jean-Luc lives in Switzerland, is married to Josiane, father of 4 grown-up children and grandfather.


Marisa combines heart, loyalty and efficiency. She runs after challenges, especially the big ones! Her passion is to see the Kingdom of God advance.
After a legal and entrepreneurial career, she joined the excecutive committee of the IAHM and coordinates the different poles and teams in a global and transversal way.
She is married to Olivier, lives in the south of France and comes to work in Switzerland on a regular basis.


After a career in banking, Patrick decided to dedicate his gifts and talents to the service of God.
At the IAHM, he coordinates the office operations and events. He aspires to see more and more people saved and healed.
A true unwavering pillar, Patrick is a member of the IAHM excecutive committee as the operational manager.
Patrick is married to Céline and has two children, Enaëlle and Colin. He lives in Switzerland.

Sabine - Yves

Sabine and Yves are a couple of teachers with multiple qualities, they have at heart to make the Word of God easy to access.
They are both teachers, and in addition to this first career, they are involved in the ministry.
They are members of the IAHM executive committee and responsible for the prayer team.
They live in Switzerland and are parents of 3 grown children


His appetite for life and his faith embodied in his daily life are so inspiring.
Gabriel left a career in social work to dedicate himself to ministry. He supports various projects within the IAHM, including training. Gabriel thinks in opportunities and possibilities and loves to see God at work in the lives of the people he prays for.
Gabriel is married to Rebecca and has one children, Olive. He lives in Germany.


Passionate about project coaching and entrepreneurial strategy, Jonathan joined the team to use his gifts and talents to contribute to the IAHM’s mission.
Jonathan lives in the south of France. Enthusiastic, he dives 200% into everything he does. Every moment spent with him is a firework, ideas are coming, everything is possible!

Lucie - Franky

Lucie and Franky are a couple of passionate missionaries: they love to share the message of the Gospel and demonstrate the power of God to heal and transform lives, in Europe and on other continents. Flexible and available, they support the IAHM teams as needed. They live in Switzerland and are parents of two children, Joy and Elie.


Married to Karine and father of twins and a grown daughter, Romain is stimulated by the challenge of seeing the gospel accessible to all in a contemporary way. After his studies in communication and marketing, he started in the professional world as a team manager for a major sports company, only to leave a few years later and serve in his local church. He decide to work at the IAHM for digital development.


Passionate about people, Lucas loves to see the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of believers and non-believers alike. Bringing the message of the Gospel, seeing people being touched and transformed by Jesus Christ is what makes him vibrate. At IAHM, he is developing Miracles & Healings in the streets. Lucas longs to see more and more people saved and healed.

Lucas is married to Darlene and has three children.


Born in Angola, Tania is passionate about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Graduated in architecture and design, she has a passion for the arts.
She longs for the gospel of God to reach every part of the world and is made herself available to be part of this mission. She believes in both the power of serving the local church and expanding the Kingdom of God through the unity.
She currently resides in Portugal, where she coordinates IAHM for Portuguese Speaking Countries

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