Our Healing Ministries Network seeks to bring together men and women who are willing to learn, explore and experience the healing power of God together.

We seek to pass on, serve, love, build and encourage one another within this network. We want to see a movement of healing ministries rise up in strength all around the world.

We have 4 main pillars:


Our team is here to encourage, pray and support you in the season you are in.


International speakers share their experience in healing ministry.


You have access to a space to exchange and express yourself on what you learn and practice.


We have created a space for you to connect with other healing ministries.

If these questions resonate in your heart, join us and become part of this new Healing Ministries Network.

Do you feel called to the ministry of healing?
Do you want to grow in your gift?
Do you want to learn and discover new realities about healing?
Do you want to be part of our community and learn from each other?
Do you have a heart for giving and receiving international healing ministries?

  • Guest Speaker
  • Time to connect with others
  • Contribution of the IAHM teams
  • Demandes de prières
  • Interactions et soutien
  • Encouragement
  • Contribution of the participants to the network
  • Share your story
  • Get support from our network

Requirements to join us!

  • Be born again, baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.
  • Be called to and participate in the ministry of healing
  • To be part of a local church
  • To bear fruit, to be recognized and this gifts

Join us!

We look forward to getting to know you and building the kingdom of God