Confession of faith

We believe

  • in one Eternal God who exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • in the Divinity of the Father, rich in compassion, creator of the universe, holy, eternal and omnipotent. He manifests Himself in perfect justice and love, and calls us to become his children through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • in the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, born of a virgin,
    • in His life without sin,
    • in His miracles,
    • in His vicarious and redeeming death, by his blood shed not only for sin but also for pain and sickness,
    • in His bodily Resurrection,
    • in His Ascension to the right hand of the Father,
    • in His glorious return.
  • in the person of the Holy Spirit who fills every Christian who requests it in faith,
    • that as the Holy Spirit indwells in believers, He permits them to lead a holy life and gives them the power to perform “greater works”, as Jesus has said,
    • in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, manifesting His gifts and His fruits when believers pray for the sick.
  • that the Bible is the Word of God. Men of God wrote it under the inspiration, influence and direction of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Word of God provides for healing – in the likeness of a seed, which once it has been sown, brings forth fruit.
  • in salvation and justification, brought about through the grace of God in Jesus Christ and only capable of being received through faith; in the necessity of a new birth leading to a transformed life, of piety, sanctification, service and testimony to the glory of God through the action of the Holy Spirit.
  • in the universal church, the whole body of those redeemed by Jesus Christ, of all countries and all times, and of which the true unity is in the Holy Spirit; communities willed by God, made up of persons who profess to have found in Jesus Christ their Savior and Lord.
  • that all servants who work in the ministry of healing should:
    • be submissive to the Holy Spirit in letting themselves be transformed,
    • receive sustenance from the Word of God and put it into practice,
    • lead a life of prayer,
    • desire to grow under the anointing of the Holy Spirit,
    • be ready to act in the gifts of the Holy Spirit depending on the need,
    • continually give glory to God for what He has done.
  • that it is a ministry which unites believers of different churches and which gives them the possibility of praying together, so that the sick may be touched, saved, delivered and healed.
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