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For over 20 years now, IAHM has been active in Europe and around the world. In recent months, development has intensified, particularly in Portugal, Italy and Germany. This expansion requires a long-term strategic vision, backed by partners who commit to supporting the ministry on a monthly basis.

There were 12 tribes that made up Israel. We often talk about the tribe of the Levites and their role as priests, but they couldn’t accomplish this task without the support of the other 11 tribes. They were totally dependent on them, and in return they brought God’s blessing to all the people.

At IAHM, we depend on your support, we devote all our energy to impacting as many people as possible so that everyone has an opportunity to meet God and receive His blessing. All this is possible thanks to your support.

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At the prayer line, I had a lady who suffered from osteoarthritis in her hip, knee, shoulders and other joints. There was faith in this appointment. I prayed four times and each time the pain diminished and mobility increased. At the end, she could kneel, she did it I don't know how many times because she hadn't been able to for a very long time. She walked and did everything she hadn't been able to do for a long time! Jesus is extraordinary!

My daughter contacted the prayer line in March this year, as she has had several miscarriages and extra uterine pregnancies. She had a prophecy that next year she would hold her baby in her arms, and Glory be she is expecting a baby! Thank you Lord, God is good, he always keeps his promises.