How about experiencing the Supernatural in your daily life?

Develop your gifts and benefit from quality teaching from home with international speakers.




per month



Q&A and ministry time with international speakers

Teachings about healing, miracles, the supernatural, the prophetic…

Specific time of prayers
Impartation etc…


only 149€

+ 5 free of charge guests (people of your circle)



  • Healing, miraculous healing and the gift of healing
  • Operating in the spirit by impacting the physical world
  • The Holy Spirit: knowing him and hearing him
  • Prophecy, words of knowledge, dream interpretation
  • Bringing the beauty of the heaven through creativity
  • Bringing the Gospel, the harvest, bringing revival
  • Hearing and seeing in the spiritual world
  • Fasting to connect with the supernatural, spiritual growth
  • Deliverance ministries / Casting out demons
  • How to welcome and honor His Presence, encountering the Glory


Sept 2023 – June 2024 – On Wednesday, at 6pm CET

13 September 2023
27 September 2023
11 October 2023
25 October 2023
8 November 2023
22 November 2023
6 December 2023
20 December 2023
17 January 2024
31 January 2024


14 February 2024
28 February 2024
13 March 2024
27 March 2024
17 April 2024
1 May 2024
29 May 2024
12 June 2024
26 June 2024


Once you have completed the payment form with your contact details, you will receive a payment confirmation email with all the information concerning the course (dates, access links, and all other necessary information).

The invitation for your friends and family will be sent once your payment has been received. In your email’s registration, you’ll receive a link where you will be able to add contact details about your guests.

School of the supernatural is a live training program (via videoconferencing software or Youtube), all appointments are live with a speaker who will be able to answer your questions and teach. You’ll also be able to access the live recordings as a replay.

Yes, you can catch up the past teachings every time you want

You can pay securely by credit card or PayPal.

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